Papa "Poppy"
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August 2009
"Don't cry because it is over…Smile because it happened…" For two week we shed tears, enough to fill an ocean, our hearts were weeping, overwhelmed with such grief without your physical presence beside us.


Over twenty years we held you close, the laughter we had at your kitten antics and helping yourself to our dinner before we could even sit at the table, the snits you got in with the "siblings" that filled our family and the fear your felt the first time you saw the two legged five pound sister you got 13 years ago…And when fear gave way you just wanted to lay on her. 15 pounds of silky black fur on a five pound baby. You could always outrun her until she was old enough to feed you...then you learned to love her too.

How sweet your little face was, snaggle tooth and all and how much you always had to say and I am grateful for all the time we had to listen. If only we could have stopped time, we tried our best to slow it down and you tried your best to stay as long as possible and for that we thank you, our little angel. So, now when the tears start, coming from nowhere, we try to replace them with happy memories and everlasting gratitude we held you close for over twenty years, you, the sweetest gift we could have asked for.


A heart bound with love is bound for always….May all those that we have loved and that have gone before you take you with them now into the light where you can run and jump and never have anymore pain. You remain our love, always.

Your moms Linda, Heather and Savannah Sky

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