Peepers the Pig-Riding Rooster
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Rooterville, a Sanctuary
November 2018

Peepers rooster
Peepers the pig rider...

Peepers the rooster hatched in secret at Rooterville, but his mother, having grown up in a cage, had no idea how to care for him. After a brush with death before being found, heís become quite the happy pig rider!

Peepersí mother was bred to make eggs for the grocery store, not eggs that hatch. At Rooterville, when his mother hid some eggs, they hatched in secret. But having grown up in captivity, she had no idea how to care for these chicks. By the time Rooterville staff found them, they were dying from exposure to the wintery cold (yes, in Florida!). The staff rushed into action to save them. Unfortunately, Peepersí siblings didnít make it. But Peepers did!

Peepers took an immediate liking to some of our pigs, collecting six pig friends that he always chased the other pigs away from. Rooterville had to put a hen in with Peepers to help teach him he was a chicken! Fortunately, he figured it out and these two chickens are now inseparable!

As a very rare native of Rooterville, Peepers has spent every day since those harrowing first days playing on the sanctuary. He loves to herd the pigs, sit on the pigs, and spend his days with his favorite chicken friend! 

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