Petie's Story – A True Miracle
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by Erica Wildman
August 2009


Petie came to us in March 15 of 2002.

That was the last time I was able to take my 17-1/2 year old dog Buddy (a little Schnauzer and Terrier mix) into the back yard. He was by this time blind and deaf and I had to carry him. He was in much pain from arthritis - a very pitiful sight indeed. Petie must have thought the same thing, so he went up to Buddy and kissed him. (Photo - 01Petie


I had seen Petie numerous times before running with a bunch of strays, so I told him that he had earned himself a home. I took Buddy inside and told Petie to wait right there till I could flea spray him, which he did, and he hasn’t shown any desire to go past the front door since. (Photo - 02Petie

Buddy went to heaven two weeks later.


Petie is a real lap cat, too, and extremely affectionate. At night especially he follows my sister around like a little dog. No matter what she does with him, e.g. put him on my lap, he hops down and hightails it after her.  And, as you can see, he also loves Mindy.  (Photo - 03Petie and Mindy love each other

Love, Erika

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