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Angelina, Indraloka Sanctuary
December 2017

Gavin and Miss Lily Pie have become an inseparable pair. Their love story started from either side of a fence....

pigs Gavin and Lily
Gavin and Lily Pie / Photo by Cameron O'Steen

Just over six months ago a gentle, adorable, big-eared pig named Gavin arrived at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. Prior to his rescue, he was living in a dirty barn that was covered in debris and shards of glass. It was the middle of summer and he and the other pigs he was living with were left without food, water, or a wallow to cool off in in the hot summer heat. True to his kind and sweet nature, Gavin would give any food that did show up in their barn to the other pig and her piglets.

pig Gavin
Gavin / Photo by Johnny Braz

Due to years of neglect, living in such dangerous conditions, and taking care of his friends, he was severely malnourished, several hundred pounds underweight, and very depressed due to suffering years of neglect.

Indraloka was not prepared to bring in another pig. We were at capacity and we did not have the funds to give such a sickly pig the care he needed. That's where loving supporters like you came in to save his life. Your support not only allowed us give Gavin the home he had always deserved, but you allowed us to get him the vet appointments and surgery he needed and lots of delicious pig food and produce to get him back to a healthy weight.

pigs Gavin and Lily
Lily Pie and Gavin / Photo by Johnny Braz

Now, you would never guess how much his life has changed - Gavin fell in love!

He and Miss Lily Pie have become an inseparable pair. Their love story started from either side of a fence. They would spend every day smelling and kissing each other, snout-to-snout across the gate. When Gavin was finally healthy enough to move into her pasture, his life changed forever. He now has a best friend and another pig to love, snuggle, and share his meals with. Today you will find them always side-by-side, cuddling up and keeping each other warm.

Gavin's story has a happy ending, but we still need your help - Gavin is now another sanctuary resident who needs help to stay warm this winter! Your gift in support of Gavin and Lily will provide them with warm bedding, heat, lots of food, and caregiving throughout the winter.

Please consider donating in Gavin or Lily's name so we can show Gavin how fun winter can be! OR - for a monthly fee of $75, you can sponsor Gavin or Lily to help provide them with everything they need throughout the year.

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