Pit Bull Saves Holland Woman From Abductor
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By Nick Monacelli on Animals in Print
August 2009

A Holland woman has an unlikely hero to thank after breaking up a domestic fight.

The 32-year-old's estranged husband beat her and attempted to abduct her from her safe house in Holland.

The plan was foiled thanks to a dog which usually gets a bad rap.


The fight between Steven Schumacher, 33, and his wife was very public. Witnesses say he beat and dragged his wife across the street, attempting to get her into his vehicle.

But the fact the fight was public may have helped. That's how Blitz saw the events unfolding from his window, and 'blitzed' to the rescue.

Judging by his barking through the window, we're presuming Blitz is no fan of cameras.

Blitz is a two-year-old, hundred and something pound pit bull; yes, the kind many fear.

"He'll protect us when we need it," says his owner. "But he's a great house pet, he's great with my kids, he's wonderful."

Due to the nature of this tale Blitz's owner does not want to be known.

She says close to 11:00p.m. Wednesday she heard screams for help.

"It's still surreal," she says. "I haven't even slept yet, (I'm) still kind of shaken about what could have happened to her."

She saw Schumacher beating and dragging his estranged wife.

"(I was) scared of what could have happened to her, because he was close to getting her in his car."

Blitz saw it too.

"He about knocked me out of the door to get to them. I heard her screaming, 'help me', repeatedly and I came out my front door and my dog spilled past me and went and scared him a little bit."

She says he never bit anyone, but scared Schumacher just enough that he loosened his grip on his wife, who then ran inside Blitz's home and waited for police.

"He was still in the area, I believe in the front yard of the residence," says Captain Rick Walters of the Holland Police Department. "He was taken into custody without incident."

Walters isn't sure how long the couple had been separated, but says they were living apart.

"He went to that residence, broke into that residence and then confronted her and assaulted her in that residence," says Walters.

What Schumacher's intentions were are still not known.

Police say they did find a knife in Schumacher's pocket but do not think it was used during the attack.

What is known though is the dog many fear, saw fear, and became a hero.

"It's hard to tell what may or may not have happened if not for that dog," says Walters.

"I'm very proud of him," chimed in his owner. "He would never do anything unless the situation was like that when he feels that we're in danger."

Anyone with more information is asked to call Holland Police or Silent Observer at (616) 355-1150.

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