Prayas and Shivaji - Saved in India
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FROM HelpAnimalsIndia
August 2020

Shivaji gets a prosthetic limb and Prayas and her colt are safe.

Horse Shivaji

Chhaya shelter helps many equines and other large animals. This is Shivaji whose limb was broken in a local horse racing event. He was rescued and fitted with a prosthetic limb and now has sanctuary for life!

One of many abandoned to the streets, this mare was pregnant but thankfully rescued by our beneficiary Team Prayas who writes:

"Prayas" stands for "an honest effort. We couldn't imagine the plight of this mother who was just waiting for a safe place to deliver the baby.

The newly arrived "Prayas" is beautiful little bundle of joy wearing white socks and tender hoofs and ever ready to trot around his mother always. We are so happy and thankful to all the support by Help Animals India in enabling us to help and respect motherhood.

Horse Prayas

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