Precious Monty - RIP - July 20, 2013
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July 2013

My heart is broken. Yesterday I learned that one of the sweetest horses in the world passed away. This was Monty, official name Ambassador Montague as he was just that at Central New England Equine Rescue (CNEER) where he lived. Monty was about 28 and in recent years had slowed down considerably, giving his caregivers a few scares ever the last couple of months.

Monty carriage horse

But yesterday was time. What a sad day. Our sincerest thoughts and sympathies go out to Vicky, Cheryl, angel Sibsie and Sarah and everyone at CNEER for their huge loss. Special thoughts go to Teddy, Sarah's boy and Monty's BFF. They share the same rotten history of working in the Boston carriage trade -- and then being rescued and living at CNEER.

Monty and Sibsie are credited with connecting us to CNEER and a better, more loving and conscientious rescue would be hard to find. Starting with e-mail conversations, I was fortunate to have visited several times over the years - but never enough since they are four hours away by car.

My first trip to CNEER in 2006 was to their picnic. I recall seeing Monty from a distance as we drove up. Wow! a huge white magical horse like I had never seen before. Monty greeted us and poked around to see if we had anything to eat. I threw my bags on the ground and forgot about them. Later when I went to remove an apple, i found that, while it was still in the bag, it had a huge bite taken out of it. Hmmm - now how did that happen. Monty, hanging around near by looked sheepish. So I gave him the rest. I will cherish all the time I spent with that boy - it was never enough . We last visited this past January and hoped to visit again after this hot summer. It was not to be.

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