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FROM Kit Jagoda / River's Wish Sanctuary
September 21, 2020

Precious has taken a bit of all of us with her and she has left us each with some of the magic that was her.

Precious Sheep

This afternoon we held Precious as she took one final breath and left her tired and painful body. Her passing was peaceful and fast.

Precious was a very special sheep and I'd like to share her story with you.

Precious Sheep

When Precious was less than six months old she was brutally attacked by a human. Her front right leg was broken and she was traumatized. Her guardians asked to have her euthanized but the veterinarian could not bring herself to do it. She said that Precious was so very sweet and she wanted to give her a chance. She mended her leg and asked Sue Eakins at New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary if she would take her in. And Sue did and the two bonded. Very deeply.

Bitty Pak began volunteering at New Dawn in 2009. By that time, Precious and the other sheep were full grown. Bitty said that Precious was always so sweet and kind and trusting. Sadly, Sue passed in November 2014 and her sanctuary closed but she had arranged for her animals to be cared for.

Precious Sheep

On November 22, 2014, we welcomed Precious and her sheep, goat and steer friends at River's Wish. I felt deeply honored to be trusted with Sue's beloved friends and we took her trust seriously.

Precious quickly won the hearts of our volunteers. Her soulful eyes and gentle spirit seemed to hold wisdom. She was beautiful inside her heart and her softness was wonderful to embrace.

As Precious aged her leg became more arthritic. We were able to get her a brace and that seemed to help for some time. Eventually, she moved to the bunny barn where she would be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. She shared her space with Confetti, another sheep from New Dawn, and a few old goats. She seemed happy and content.

Precious took a turn for the worse yesterday. She began to pant and could not get comfortable. We increased her medication but it was clear that the time had come. I let our wonderful volunteers know and I messaged Bitty, who drove over today to be with her. This afternoon Dr. O'Bannon came at the end of the day and helped Precious go. It was peaceful and gentle.

We placed Precious in a grave next to her Confetti. Bitty helped position her tired old body and arranged flowers from the garden, to surround her neck. Her little daughter Anna held the flowers for her mom. And one by one she placed them on this beautiful queen.

Sheep funeral

Precious Sheep

Precious has taken a bit of all of us with her and she has left us each with some of the magic that was her. She is with Sue now and she is at peace.

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