Prince's Incredible Story
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FROM Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
July 2020

Prince's mother Chloe had been rescued from a horrific abuse case in late 2015.

Baby Goat Prince
Baby Prince

Prince the goat was born on April 21, 2016—the day that Prince the musician tragically died. He is part of who we call our Tiniest Herd here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary—a group of goats and sheep born to mothers rescued from a horrific abuse case in late 2015. They were all born in the winter and spring of 2016 – and for a while we had the tiniest, cutest herd of kids and lambs!

But scarily, when Prince was just weeks old he became very sick. Our vet rushed to the Sanctuary and let us know that he needed a blood transfusion and there was no time to get him to the hospital. We had to do it onsite. Gregarious goats Fern and Clover were coaxed to the medical building with snacks and Prince was carried. We didn’t know if it was going to work. But Fern and Clover saved his life… and they were quickly back in their pasture with extra treats and pets for weeks after that.

Prince recovered and he’s been a very healthy goat ever since. He’s actually the heaviest goat at the Sanctuary—we just weighed all of them and he’s by far the largest. But he’s a very calm and sweet goat—who lives in a herd with his mother Chloe and often snuggles with her at night.

Goats Prince Chloe
Prince and Chloe

Because of his health and temperament, when we knew that our sweet senior goat Ann needed a blood transfusion, we thought of Prince.

Goat Ann

Ann has had a series of serious health issues this year and was crashing fast. Prince and Chloe traveled to the hospital with her and saved her life. Ann is still struggling…she’s very delicate due to early neglect and a virus she caught on the farm she was rescued from…but we are all giving her the best shot we can. And by all of us, we are including Prince. Nothing compares to you, Prince.

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