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Purr-fectly Talented
Letter from Libe - 15 Nov 2003

Hello !

I am a teacher working in one of the schools in Dubai.

I wish to inform you an amazing news that science could not define yet. It is about a DUBAI-cat with uncanny skills. The three year old male Persian cat CutyBoy has many skills. He can count, can identify objects, (can identify persons before we introduce them to him), can understand many languages and has many other skills.

As a teacher I am convinced of the skills of this cat. Psychologists, Teachers, Doctors, Journalists and many people from various fields have tested Cuty and are convinced of his skills, yet no one could define the phenomenon with CutyBoy.

CutyBoy has been featured in many periodicals internationally. You can read about him in the American online Magazine, in the 2002 spring edition under the title "cat knows Math in eight languages, answers with kisses.

You can read about him at his web site .

I request you to read about him and please be kind enough to let me know your comments about this amazing cat. The cat resides in Dubai with his owner, an Indian.

I guess this matter will be an attractive one for your readers.

Please do reply,



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