Remembering Samantha, my Co-Founder and my Inspiration
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Kari Bagnall, Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
December 2017

Samantha's 25th birthday would have been on December 18th...

Kari Bagnall Samantha capuchin
Kari and Samantha

With a broken heart and through my tears I write to you...Samantha lost her battle to triple negative breast cancer last Saturday, it metastasized in her lungs making it harder and harder for her to breath.

Samantha died in my arms with her friends and family around her, knowing how much she was loved and how important she was to so many.

Samantha was the inspiration for Jungle Friends and she leaves behind an amazing legacy. [Read How It All Began 1992...] Because of Samantha, hundreds of monkeys have found sanctuary. Her spirit will live on at the sanctuary and in my heart. She will be remembered with love every day and I will miss her every day.

We will always remember Samantha as a happy, precocious, prankster, who had a lot of fun playing with her sister Charlotte and then winding down to engage in lengthy grooming sessions.

Samantha's 25th birthday would have been on December 18th and she has a Birthday Wish on Facebook to raise money to build another habitat for two more white-faced capuchins anxious to call Jungle Friends home.

Please remember Samantha with a substantial gift. Thank you!

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