Rescuing Peruvian Squirrels
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August 2009
Dear Mr. Hoffman,

What I appreciate most from your photos is the love and warmth with which you have taken them - it shows! While I am a Peruvian citizen and live down here, I did get to spend some years of my childhood in beautiful Canada and always took a liking to squirrels.

Now, so many years later, I participate actively in trying to save our squirrels as they are targeted by poachers endeavouring to take them out of the country, believe it or not, to the Orient and to Europe... we have our greys in northern coast of Peru, all desert and dry; the small red-brown Amazon types and the big bright red Amazons, both are endangered species.

Here are some photos that I hope you will enjoy!


Baby Grey and her two siblings were rescued from a poacher who kept them with a rope around their midsection - they were given to me when they were tiny babies; they are teens now. The terrible thing with rescuing squirrels here is that there is no active programme to rehabilitate and take them back to their natural habitat - it is too far from Lima and they are not endemic to this part of the country. If we let them loose here, they will have nothing to eat and people are quite mean. Her name is Daphnie.


Leonardo: this is very special as Leonardo also came as a baby, quite ill and he is a mutation from the Grey, he is beige, medium size and BLUE eyes, very sweet and tame. These squirrels must have been taken from the Equatorian-Peruvian border - no such squirrels in the rest of the country. He now has a bride Mariuska


Rojo behind bars: he is still young and growing, Rojo (Red) is the big Amazonia squirrel - he came without much of his fur and quite scared. We are working on getting him well physically and emotionally - he is eating better and bright orange new fur is growing on his back and his gorgeous tail. No friend for him yet.

I don't have at hand the small red-brown Amazonia squirrels but I promise I will send you some as soon as I find the disk.

I hope this has not be troublesome to receive but I truly believe you will understand the plight of these beautiful creatures and the harm that is being done to their species.

Cristina Loayza

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