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April 2019

Fluffy, along with Bunkle our first land tortoise, was the inspiration for starting American Tortoise Rescue. We owe her a great honor.

Fluffy turtle

We are sad to report that our first water turtle rescue in 1990—Fluffy a cooter—has passed over the Rainbow Bridge from old age.

She was at least 20 years old when we rescued her, and after 29 years with American Tortoise Rescue, she far exceeded her expected life span. Marshall and I were in a local pet store, when a boy asked us if we wanted a turtle. Of course we said yes! We believe the boy had found her in the LA river and then had to get rid of her. When we got Fluffy home, we didn't know what to do with her, so we put her in the bath tub. We tried to get her to eat for several weeks before we started doing our homework and learned she was trying to hibernate.

She, along with Bunkle our first land tortoise, was the inspiration for starting a rescue. We owe her a great honor. She didn't mind a pet or two while she was sunbathing at our pond over the years. She loved worms and strawberries and her friend Einstein, another cooter we rescued not too long after Fluffy arrived.

In Fluffy's memory, we put her lovely face on our World Turtle Day® 2019 t-shirts. We feel it is a great way to honor her memory and hope you share the love. She is buried next to her pond, and we will be erecting a memorial to her... our very first rescue.

Fluffly turtle T-shirt
To buy Fluffy-s T-shirt, contact American Tortoise Rescue.


More news about 2019's World Turtle Day May 23rd coming soon! 

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