RIP Scooter
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FROM Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
October 2019

Scooter was one of the original 13 monkeys who flew with me from Las Vegas to our new sanctuary in Gainesville Florida in 1999.

Monkey Scooter

I am writing to you with a very heavy heart. My sweet Scooter passed in his sleep during the evening of October 17. He had an inoperable tumor and he and his long-time companion Iris had moved to Wellness Jungle where staff could keep a close eye and medicate him, while still having Iris at his side. A necropsy was performed shortly after he passed, and it was discovered that Scooter died from lymphoma cancer. The cancer had spread all over his tiny body.

Scooter was one of the Original 13 monkeys who flew with me from Las Vegas, Nevada to Gainesville, Florida in 1999. So, while all of the monkeys have my love, Scooter held a very special place in my heart as one of the first sanctuary monkeys.

Monkey Scooter
Scooter's eyes could melt your heart...

Scooter and his beloved companion Iris were devoted to each other. When Scooter would leave his indoor enclosure to go outside, Iris would bring a blanket to him. They were grooming each other constantly the day before he passed, which was very common for these two.

Monkey Scooter

Iris is heartbroken, but we will find her a new friend right away - we do not want her to be alone for long. Of course, the love she and Scooter had cannot be replicated - Scooter was one in a million. We will all miss Scooter so much. He has been such a big part of Jungle Friends for so many years.

Would you like to make a donation in memory of Scooter? This would be a wonderful way to honor Scooter and enable us to continue to care for his 300+ monkey friends.

Thank you for your unwavering support. Because of you, we were able to provide Scooter with an "Almost Wild" life for over 23 years.

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