Roselandís Finest Were Up to the Job Again
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By Leonard Alex, Jr. on
November 2009

On Sunday evening, October 4, 2009, residents of Roseland in the vicinity of Ridge and White Oak roads reported seeing a young deer with a plastic Halloween decoration stuck over its head. When Sgt. Charlie Ribaudo of the Roseland Police arrived, he was greeted by a frightened deer wearing a plastic pumpkin on its head.

He pursued the deer on foot through several back yards as residents watched in amazement with their children.

Moments later, he was able to corner the disoriented animal when it collapsed from exhaustion. Sgt. Ribaudo then managed to safely remove the plastic pumpkin from the deerís face. The deer quickly recovered and ran away to the relief of all who looked on.

Residents thanked the Roseland officer for the skill and care he demonstrated during the rescue.

If you would like to send thank you letters to Sgt. Charlie Ribaudo, contact:

Roseland Police Department ATTN: Sgt. Charlie Ribaudo 15 Harrison Avenue Roseland, NJ  07068

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