Rowdy: A 4-H Project
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Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
February 2011

Rowdy sheep 4-H 4H Peaceful Prairie

Rowdy was on his way to slaughter after having been raised by children who were taught to love and care for him as an individual while at the same time preparing to dispense with him as a commodity.

Like all 4-H victims, Rowdy's trust was about to be betrayed by the children he had grown to love, under direction of adults encouraging them to do so despite the bonds of friendship that had been formed.

When the family realized the hypocrisy of such a program and the mixed message it taught their children, they agreed to sign the 5-H Pledge: Head Heart Hands Health and Humane Choices developed by Animal Place Sanctuary.

The family agreed to never participate in any cruel and needless 4-H program again.

Here at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, Rowdy has formed a strong bond with his newfound herd mates and family.

He will have the opportunity to live out the rest of his natural life knowing that we will never betray his trust and will always respect his right to live a full and happy life.

Despite his name, Rowdy is quiet and a bit shy. Sometimes, he likes to leave the herd behind and enjoy a quiet afternoon by the barn in the company of chickens.

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