Sally The Piglet
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[Ed. Note: Watch a powerful animation about how many pigs are killed in the U.S. every hour - 13,200 Pigs Are Slaughtered Per Hour. Sally will NEVER be reduced to being pork chops or bacon or ribs or pigs' feet snacks or Easter or Christmas ham...]

From Animal Place Sanctuary
April 2011

Sally the piglet is safe and sound after a near brush with death. The young piglet was being raised for slaughter in an urban backyard when she made a break for it. Police corralled her and a local shelter took her in...the first pig the shelter had taken in in a long while!


Not knowing what to do with the piglet, the shelter set her up in a dog kennel and feverishly worked to find her a home, so they wouldn't have to return the young piglet to her slaughterers.

Animal Place happily agreed to take her in, with the hopes of either placing the piglet in a permanent home or pairing her with Ruby, another rescued piglet at the sanctuary.

Sally is a very social piglet and adores people. She is very curious and has taken a keen interest in the 356 rescued hens from an egg farm. Sally gets very jealous when the hens are fed and she isn't!

If you are interested in adopting Sally, please contact us. There is an adoption fee and Sally must be spayed first before being placed.

Otherwise, Sally will live out her life as all pigs should - at a sanctuary and to old age.

You can help pigs like Sally by starting with a Meat-free Monday and transitioning to a plant-based diet.

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