My Cat Samantha
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By Sharon Ann Kieffer [email protected]
Submitted by the author - 8 Feb 2004


My cat Samantha is a true gift from God. She is one of his loving, feeling, and sometimes all Knowing cats. A creature of God's still too small to put into a hat at the time she was sent to me. Samantha was only five weeks old when abandoned and left on this earth to roam. This was not in Gods plan for her. (To enlarge the photo of Samantha and Sharon, click on the link)

Samantha was guided to me, I could almost hear her say, "I was sent to you Sharon. "can't you see? When I reached for her and picked her up, I had no idea at the time that she was to not only to be my pet but to be with me for both love and understanding. Samantha had come into my life at a time that for so long I had experienced and still was experiencing so much physical pain.

Many doctors could not seem to find the cause except to say that I had TMJ in both jaws very badly and nothing could seem to help it. I had no idea that I had a very serious deviated septum that needed surgery as soon as possible. Upon receiving Samantha I was guided to a very good surgeon. There was little hope that he could do anything. I so often prayed for Gods help as I was at a place that I couldn't take anymore pain. The pain was incapacitating and keeping me in bed many times.

Samantha would jump up into the bed or chair if I were sitting up in the middle of the night unable to sleep. This little kitten would rub my jaw joints exactly where the pain was the worse and then massage my neck where my muscles were so tight and painful. She would alternate this action ever so gently, it was as if she knew that I was suffering so and was there to help me and comfort me. At first I thought this was just a coincidence, but, my pain was twenty-four hours a day and as long as I would allow her, she would continue. Samantha was as consistent as my pain was.

It had come time for my surgery and afterwards when I was lying on my bed, somehow, Samantha knew that she had to be exceptionally careful with me. She would again very gently massage my neck and this time my shoulders as she purred to me pouring out her love for me. Some of Gods animals really talk and say words. Samantha has never meowed on time in the two years that I have been blessed to have her.

She has heard my husband Jimmy call me mom and he would talk to her, telling her that they had to take care of mom. When it was her treat time I would call her telling her to come to mom. when she wants something or just wants a hug from me then she will say "Mom." Samantha loves to go outside and play. I keep the key to my back door up on the wall and she knows that is what unlocks the door to go outside. It was a very cold day outside when she wanted to go out and I did not want her out in the cold weather. She said the word "out...out" several times and just sat there looking at the key on the wall.

I have a brother named Paul. He loves to give her treats and she knows he will give them to her whenever she wants them when he is at our home. He is here a lot on the weekends. On a day that he was here and she was ready for her treats, she kept saying the word "Paul." My mother was visiting this particular weekend and couldn't believe that Samantha talks and says words so plain. I thought she was saying it because she wanted more treats, but, the phone rang and was my brother saying he was coming to visit for a few days. Samantha knew before I did!

If Samantha is upset with me and I say her name then she will say "what?" like a child would say to her mother. When I say to her to come and give me a massage then she will jump on my lap and really gives me a good one on my neck and shoulders.

I know that all Gods creatures have feelings, a spirit and so much love to give to us. I also believe that God works through them just like he does with his children. I dearly love Samantha, she is very God filled and feels for people. She understands pain, love and happiness and brings so much to me. her loving massages even when I am not hurting. I always return her love back to her and with the big purrrr she gives back to me, I think we are both thanking God for his everlasting love.

The real meaning to my story is that all of Gods creatures are full of love, compassion and yes, even understanding. I believe there is a heaven for all of God's creatures. He has created them for a reason. They are not to be abandoned, disrespected and dumped. May they all be guided to a loving person or family that will give them not only what they deserve but allow them to return the same love, caring, respect and understanding that they bring into the lives that they touch. It is up to us to make sure that we do not overlook the ones that are lost, roaming, abandoned or wandering alone out there. We must always remember that there is a reason for every season. God created all his creatures for a reason, to love and to be loved, big and small.

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