Samson Has Gone Beyond
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From Eileen Weintraub, Helping Animals India
August 2009

At the stroke of midnight Sunday night our dear Samson has gone beyond! No more cat body and his consciousness is free.


Before birth and after death the great mystery continues but through meditation techniques we have learned we directed his consciousness to go the pure land of Amithaba Buddha where it is said he can learn to come back as a Bodhisattva to help all.

From difficult beginnings, I took him from Vicky's Lynn (my cat rescue mentor) animal rescue house in San Francisco. The vet said he was 4 months old although he was so tiny, he looked like about 6 weeks. For months he was so out of it, he just purred when anyone held him and I took him around wherever we went. Finally he "woke up" and lo and behold realized he was a feral cat. He continued to have seizures around the full moon and even before earthquakes (this was San Francisco!) and he even participated in several studies about this phenomena. After 10 years he had no more seizures and he was medication free for the rest of his life.

Since he was so feral to anyone else except me, he became my personal cat and he was my constant companion, muse and inspiration for the past 17 years. In the past few years he even became fond of my husband, Mark.

He is sorely missed by all here.


From the Buddha Amitabha text:

Bodhcitta (compassion and enlightenment) is precious
Where is unborn let it arise
Where it is born let it never decline
But ever increase rising higher and higher

The Four Limitless Meditations

May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness
May all beings be free of sorrow and the causes of sorrow
May all beings never be separate from the sacred joy that is free from sorrow
May all leave attachment to one's aversion to others and live believing in the equalness of all that lives

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