Saucon is Almost 20
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December 2019

At only 7 years old, Saucon was injured, 'used-up' and unwanted.

Horse Saucon

Saucon knows first hoof how cruel the racing industry is. He raced for the first time at two years old. At five years old he was injured and supposedly retired to a "vet in Montana." But 14 months later, Saucon Creek was racing again for another owner and trainer.

Raced 13 times over that year, he suffered yet another injury. At only 7 years old, Saucon was injured, “used-up” and unwanted.

Fortunately for Saucon, Horseracing Wrongs board member Joy Aten (with the racehorse rescue organization CANTER at the time) was on-site and able to rescue him.

Saucon required surgery and a year of rehabilitation, but Joy was absolutely committed to giving him a forever, loving home.

This is what we all want for the horses. To be free from the cruelty and allowed to just be a horse, no demands or expectations.

With your help we can continue to educate about the suffering that all of Saucon's brothers and sisters in the racing industry endure every day.

We are thankful that Saucon, an official member of the Horseracing Wrongs team, will turn 20 this spring and we are thankful for people like you who continue to support our work and help us grow and make a difference in the lives of horses.

Joy Aten
Saucon with rescuer, HorseracingWrongs board member Joy Aten...

Whether you’ve demanded change via petitions, penned letters and made calls to lawmakers, shared our blogs with friends and family, stood with fellow advocates at protests racetracks in your community, spoke at public hearings like the CHRB meetings in California or donated a generous gift to help fund our campaigns against cruelty this year, you’ve helped us make great strides towards ending horseracing in our lifetime.

Your support helps us grow and give us hope that 2020 will be the year for the horses!

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