Isabelle and Ramona Rescued From...SeaWorld?
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By Judy Woods, Pigs Peace Sanctuary
May 2010

Pigs at SeaWorld in California? My first question was: Why?

They were part of an animal entertainment show and were used when they were both young piglets. As they aged and grew larger they became more difficult to control and were no longer in the stage show.

When I found out they were living in an 8 x 8 cemented room I didn't hesitate to say 'Yes, bring them to the sanctuary'.


Judy visits Isabelle and Ramona in their cemented room at SeaWorld. In this picture they experience the taste of peanut butter sandwiches for the first time. Isabelle's face lit up with joyful excitement.


Early in November, after a long trailer ride, Isabelle and Ramona are welcomed to the sanctuary. For the first time in their lives they have room to run, and they do!

Happy Ramona's first thing to do was bury her snout in fresh dirt.


Ramona has waited her entire life to do this

Within weeks of arrival we received a heavy snowfall. Our two new friends from Southern California were given heat lamps and deep beds of fresh hay.


They were like gleeful children with the first snow of the season. They ran, jumped and played for hours, experiencing the bounty of life.

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