SFL Ranch - Our Animal Sanctuary
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SFL Ranch - Our Animal Sanctuary
August 2009


We had been corresponding with Kat about vegan living and saw that her email address was "SFL Ranch".  Since the name "ranch" didn't seem to go along with vegan living, we asked Kat if she would tell us something about SFL Ranch.  In response, she sent us a couple of emails, which are combined together below, and a lot of photos.  Fisher To enlarge the photos, click on the photos or links.

Dear Mary and Frank:


SFL - Ranch is our place. We named it for S-soulmates F-friends L-lovers = SFL-Ranch. We live on 80 acres in the middle of the North woods of Wisconsin, and perhaps we could have found a better name than Ranch, but SFL Place sounded so "citified." :)

We have a real animal sanctuary here. No bear hunters are allowed, we have our land posted with 'No Hunting' signs. We feed many deer and birds in the winter, in the summer I have a hummingbird colony here.  Turtle laying her eggs


I have a bear, Selena, that visits me and just sits in the grass and looks at me. :) When my husband retires, it is our goal to become animal rehabilitators, helping orphaned fawns, bear cubs, etc.

I will enclose a few of my favorite pictures of animals that visited us. I hope the file is not getting too big.


Land was cheap years ago in Wisconsin. We live on a small lake, no-wake lake. We fought for the no-wake, and consequently are not very much liked by people who have seasonal cabins here.

Sometimes our pet geese follow us around the lake on the our little paddle boat, which is so cute (see below).  Fritzi

I really could write a big story about our home, how we live and our love for animals. Perhaps sometimes I will.

God bless,

Katharina (Kat)

Following our paddle boat
Taking a hike with us
Our bird feeder
Friend Rabbit
Our Deer Friends
Deer - 01
Dear - 02

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