Sheba the Care-Giver
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by Roger Kimble
August 2009

This is a true and on going story regarding a cat that lives in my home. Her name is Sheba; she is about 8 years old. My daughter, Amanda, contracted a very rare disease when she was 19, and she is now 26. She is unable to care for herself and lives with my wife and me. One of the many things about this disease is the fact it produces severe whole body spasms, which can last for a minute up to 10 minutes.

There is no warning when one is going to happen, BUT, each time one hits my daughter, no matter where in the house Sheba is, and no matter if she is even asleep, she runs to Amanda and caresses her with her body until the attack goes away. I have yet to figure out how she knows about the attacks, since she may be upstairs asleep when one happens, but she is at Amanda's side immediately.

Sheba has even come to our bedroom when Amanda is having one of these spasms in the middle of the night in her bedroom, and Sheba will wake us by jumping on the bed and then either jumping on us, or walking on our heads :):) until we respond and get up to assist Amanda.

If it did not happen to us repeatedly, I would not have believed it.

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