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From Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)
December 2009

This holiday season, a bright, beautiful young pit bull named Sierra is with her loving adoptive family, far from the man who beat and tormented her as a puppy. Without creative legal intervention from ALDF attorneys, it's likely Sierra would not have survived to see another year. It was ALDF supporters like you who made Sierra's second chance possible.


Responding to complaints, the local sheriff and humane society investigators raided the Clackamas County, Oregon home of George Davis this past spring, where they found a five-month old pit bull with symptoms indicating constant, chronic abuse. Davis had beaten her regularly and even shut her now terribly swollen head in a sliding glass door.

The little puppy had multiple fractures to her ribs, both of her eye sockets, the front of her skull, and her right front leg. Just a few months old, baby Sierra had known only the harsh and painful realities of life with her abuser. Despite the chronic abuse, pain, and suffering she had endured, her rescuers said that she was still sweet and friendly.

Criminal charges were filed against Davis... yet little Sierra, now "evidence" in her own abuse case, still faced the risk of being returned to the man who had beaten her for most of her young life. That's when the Oregon Humane Society called on ALDF.

Thinking quickly, ALDF attorneys placed a lien on the dog for the cost of helping her recover from her multiple fractures - creative legal thinking that allowed her rescuers to get custody of the pup so that she could be permanently adopted into a new, loving home.

"ALDF has been an incomparable asset to the Oregon Humane Society. In the case of Sierra the pit bull, ALDF assisted with the lien foreclosure, which allowed the Oregon Humane Society to gain quick custody of Sierra and get her into a foster program for some much needed love and socialization. The Oregon Humane Society is grateful to have the ALDF as a partner on many of our investigations."

Bonnie Helzer, Lead Investigator, Oregon Humane Society

So many others like Sierra need our help, before it is too late - but we can't do it without you. Won't you please be the one who helps ALDF give a second chance to one more animal this holiday season?

Thank you for all that you do for animals!

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