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Marie Bennett sent us the following letter and photos after her visit to our Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery.  (To enlarge the photos of Spot and Star, click on the photos - to return to this page click on the "back" button on your tool bar)


I can not believe that more people are not aware of what is going on - I have a small farm in New York State that I am happy to say is home to two of the best friends I could ever want - Spot and Star.   These two pigs are like the ones in your photo journal, and they are so lucky and happy to live with me.  

I went to visit a pig farm and was disgusted to see much of what you show in those photos.  Spot was just a new born baby and I asked the farmer if I could take him home due to injuries he had.  The response was "Sure take him he will die anyways - I don't have time to baby them."  So, I brought him home and took him to the vets - (he is now 1200 lbs of pure love).  He is the smartest animal I have and prefers a nice clean stall with fresh shavings over wallowing in his own feces [as farmed pigs are forced to do].  As a matter of fact he will not go to the bathroom in his stall - he goes outside.


Star is a baby that came from the same farm under the exact same conditions - I went back to visit and sure enough another injured pig - she had a huge gash on her shoulder - so infected the other pigs were trying to kill her because of the smell.  She is now a happy healthy pig and getting bigger by the day - little miss piggy = Her full name is Morningstar Boca Burger Bennett.  

I am sure that if I was to visit the pig farm daily - I would own tons of pigs. I would love to let you use photos of Spot and Star for educational purposes to show non vegetarians how loving and smart pet pigs can be.

Thanks and keep up the good work

Marie Bennett

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