Sugar Plum
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From Animal Haven September 2012

Sugar Plum is a white hen who was rescued in Greenville, SC. She was one of thousands of broiler hens being transported by truck from a factory farm. Sugar Plum fell from or flew off the truck and landed in the middle of a six-lane highway.

Thanks to the kindness of a young man, she was saved when he plucked her from the roadway to safety. He then took Sugar Plum to another kind woman who knew about Animal Haven and drove her all the way from South Carolina to our sanctuary.

Sugar Plum hen rescue

Sugar Plum admires herself in the mirror after her bath and blow dry

Sugar Plum was caked in mud, very anxious and frightened. She did enjoy her bath and a blow dry, better then some dogs do. Having lived in a wire cage her entire life, “Sugar Plum” was unable to walk. However, with a special diet and lots of love, she was walking in two weeks, completely recovered, and now enjoys her freedom with “Van Gogh”, the roost

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