The Rescue of Daisy and Her Pups – A True Miracle
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Fri May 25 2007

MARC GALLANT / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Karen Young-Jamerson with dog Daisy and her pups that were featured in a story on our website Thursday.

Editor's note: This story was posted on our website Thursday, but so many readers wanted to read it in the paper, we decided to run it again here.


DAISY'S a fighter, albeit a lovable one.

The dog was hit by a car. She's had multiple surgeries. And this March, she was found shivering in a snow fort with her seven pups after she went missing from the Winnipeg Humane Society for a year.

Now, the sandy-haired German shepherd mix is looking for a home, as well as places for five of her two-month-old offspring.

The mischievous pups, ranging from a glossy white to shiny solid black, slept in kennels at the Kent Street shelter Thursday afternoon while their mother wagged her way around a pen nearby.

It's a far cry from snow-covered brush near a St. Boniface mushroom factory where humane society workers had to trap the dog and her litter this March. "It was a heck of a lot of pups to have for a dog living in the wild," said Aileen White, Winnipeg Humane Society spokeswoman.

"We were looking and looking and looking for her."

After being turned over to the animal care organization in April 2006 by her owners after they were evicted from their property and Daisy was hit by a car, the six-year-old dog underwent several surgeries for her leg and hip.

Two days into her recovery with a foster family while Daisy recuperated, the dog escaped from her leash and disappeared from the humane society radar.

When staffers finally found the wayward canine on tips from factory workers, they feared she wouldn't be able to be domesticated again and would have to be euthanized. They were relieved to find it wasn't the case, said White.

Two of Daisy's pups have already been adopted, she said.

"Daisy has this spirit around her that she was wild enough to survive a winter in a snow hut, but not so wild she doesn't want to be part of a family," said White.

"It's very rare."


Bev with Kodi, one of Daisy's pups

On 3 Sep 2007, we received the following update:

Daisy now has a home and is doing wonderful. She has filled our life with love and joy. Watching her learn to trust, love and become part of family has been the greatest medicine our family could have. Daisy came into our lives not long after the lost of our beloved Ice. Thank you to the Humane Society for being there and fighting for our Daisy.

The Ozol’s

On 17 Sep 2008, we received the following update from Don and Bev Ozol:

Well it has been just over a year that we brought Daisy home with us. It has been a year of joy and tears. Daisy has grown into a wonderful friend. My husband had to do some travelling last year, I have an illness that affects my ability to move at times. Daisy would be there to help me get up and took very good care of me. I became very ill with chest pains one night and Daisy stood guard over me until helped arrived. She never left my side. Now her dad is home again and she loves having both of us to hug and cuddle.

Daisy this year was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg. It was one year to the date July 1 2008 that our friend Ice passed away from cancer. Daisy has had her left leg removed and is having chemo treatment every 6 weeks. Daisy has 4 more treatments. Again she shows us her strength and spirit by living her live to the fullest. We pray that all we are doing is going to let us keep Daisy for many years. Even though we are having to experience the pain of Daisy having cancer we would never have it any other way. She is our angel, we just cannot see her wings.


The Ozol’s


On 3 Oct 2008, we received the following update from Don and Bev Ozol:

Daisy has passed away today from advanced untreatable liver cancer.

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