They Killed Emily A True Miracle
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By Beth Kubit July 2007

According to the Post-Gazette Editorial, "No harm, no fowl: The county was right to thin the goose flock," July 21, 2007, Emily was just a public nuisance, and should be killed. (Emily)

Emily is a Canada Goose who I rescued last year and nursed back to health. I live in North Park, which is right at the Lake. I knew nothing about geese before helping Emily. After spending so much time with her, I learned how intelligent, affectionate and trusting a goose can be. I have no doubt that the bond we developed would have lasted for life.

It was so rewarding to see Emily healthy again. She would come to visit me every day, and I looked forward to seeing her. She even recognized my car.

Dan Onorato said that, "No geese will be killed, so I believed Emily was safe. If I knew that he would go back on his word, I would have rescued her and taken her to a sanctuary.

I woke up last Wednesday to read that 272 geese were killed at North Park. I ran out looking for Emily. I fearfully drove around the lake searching for her. I didn't see any geese. They were gone. They killed them all overnight! I waited Thursday and Friday hoping that Emily escaped and would come back to visit me like always. She never came.

Emily may have only been a public nuisance to the Post Gazette, but I loved her. 

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