Welcoming Mighty Fine, Selena and Norma Home for the Holidays
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FROM PrimarilyPrimates.org
December 2019

Christmas came early for three chimps from a struggling California sanctuary.

After a journey made possible by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, Tigers in America, In-Sync Exotics and American Anti-Vivisection Society, Selena, Norma and Mighty Fine have arrived safely at Primarily Primates.

Meet Mighty Fine.

Chimp Mighty Fin

Mighty Fine is also 28 years old. His short stature gives him the appearance of a much younger chimp.It seems he likes his facial markings as he enjoys looking at himself in mirrors. He also enjoys using burlap sacks and foraging with his female companions.

Meet Norma.

Chimp Norma

Norma is also 28 years old. She’s not shy about getting as much rest and relaxation as possible—she spends 90% of her time laying down. She loves all the same food her companion Selena does but she also loves onions and will carry them around to eat later. She has brown coloring all throughout her face.

Meet Selena.

Chimp Selena

Selena is 27 and was used for research along with Norma and Mighty Fine by the now defunct Laboratory for Experimental Medicine & Surgery in Primates at New York University. She loves to play chase but she also loves to be still and observe everything that’s going on around her. She grooms Mighty Fine daily and loves mangos, strawberries, grapes and bread.

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