Welcome Back Tiger Lily
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By Jerry James Stone on Care2.com
February 2010

If your cat’s been missing for nearly 14 years, the last thing you’d probably expect is to actually find it. But that is exactly what happened with Tiger Lily. She had been missing since October 12, 1996 and she was found in February 2010!


Many cats don’t even live to be 14 years old so her owner, Ingrid Kerker, must be one happy lady. As you can imagine her shock when the Oakbank Animal Hospital called her to say they’d located Tiger Lily. She was identified by a code tattooed on the cat’s ear (tattooing is to microchipping as VHS is to DVDs).

I can’t imagine what it is like to lose a pet. My cat–her name is Lola–is currently passed out on a Snuggie. When Tiger Lily went missing the Kerkers wrote the date down in the family bible. They had done everything to find her but had no luck.

“We thought a fox got her,” Ingrid Kerker said Monday. “She just disappeared. We put up posters but she was never returned.”

The reunion was a happy one. Tiger Lily was as affectionate as the Kerkers remember. Their two boys were overly excited as they have family photos with Tiger Lily, napping together, back when they were toddlers. They don’t know where Tiger Lily was these past years but her rescuer said she could smell diesel fuel on the tabby.

“If only she could talk, what a story,” laughed Kerker.

The Kerker household currently has two cats and a dog. So Tiger Lily will have some adjusting. They say she is warming up to the cats but the verdict is still out on the dog.

Welcome back, Tiger Lily!

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