Today is my Tommy's 2nd Birthday
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FROM Ayl Baba
Facebook posting, February 15, 2022

Can't believe all these threats to his life are all over and he is still with us!

Tommy's cake
Tommy's birthday cake!

A year and a half since his rescue from the border of Butan and our return Journey, back home to Mumbai. A horrifying year nursing him back to health from an abused bag of bones.

His botched and premature sadistic sterilization without anesthesia by a local village quack.

His scary infection with the Hepatozoon Canis virus resulting in a Platelet count of just 30, and an RBC count of 2.

His mercury and lead poisoning.

His skin infections, and his weak liver and kidney.

Seizures and fainting, suddenly and on the spot.

Can't believe all that is over and he is still with us to celebrate his 2nd, healthy and as energetic as can be, fighting with other dogs when once he couldn't stand properly.

Here's to you my boy, my best friend.

May there be many more to come...

happy Dog Tommy

happy Dog Tommy

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