Victoria's Miracle
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Submitted by Amy
April 2014

When my friend Victoria was volunteering with IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals)in Borneo, she stumbled across an unexpected miracle. Whilst going about her duties, something in a gutter at the side of the road caught her eye.

In the gutter she found eight new born puppies, each one starved, weak and terrified, their wounds infested with maggots.

puppy rescue Borneo

Victoria immediately took the pups into her care, but much to everyones dismay, seven of the puppies passed away - the trauma of their short, unfair lives, too much for their weary bodies to bare.

puppy rescue Borneo

puppy rescue Borneo

With a heavy heart, Victoria dedicated herself to ensuring that the last pup of the litter would survive. She cared for her religiously, bottle feeding her around the clock and cleaning and tending to her infected wounds. Victoria even kept the pup in a shoe box inside a department store bag - a make shift portal bed - so that she could travel with her at all times.

Slowly, thankfully, the pup grew stronger and was given the name "Miracle, because she truly was, and is, a miracle for surviving against all odds.

puppy rescue Borneo

When it was time for Victoria to return home to the UK, she just couldn't bring herself to leave Miracle behind and decided to bring her back to the UK, alongside two other pups, Tess and Star, she fostered while in Borneo.

Victoria had to fly home without them initially, due to her visa expiring, but the wheels had already been set in motion and thanks to the dedicated help and support of three people in Borneo, all three were safely flown to the UK within weeks. They are all now living happily with Victoria and her other rescue dog Ben, and Miracle is stronger and more cherished than she has ever been, experiencing the love and comfort that her brothers and sisters so deserved, but never got the chance to. Miracle is now nine months old.

puppy rescue Borneo

Victoria paid 2,000 pounds of her own money to save these dogs because she didn't want to use the charity's funds, so see if you can find it in your heart to help this group of people save more dogs, just like Miracle.

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