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Mark Edgemon has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts, as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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Lou Cefur, was more handsome and more intelligent than all of his co-workers in the corporation where he worked. He was the right hand man to the Chief Executive, who had founded the largest corporation in all of existance. Lou’s only problem was…it wasn’t enough…he wanted more.

Life Incorporated was a massive company, who was in the business of creating and managing a single product. Millions of trust worthy employees, who you might say were born for this work, handled the enormous details that kept Life up and running daily.

The product they manufactured was called a…Soul. The company handled billions of orders daily, to either create, manage, troubleshoot, repair or replace units that ceased to work.

It was an efficient and profitable operation, that strove to achieve perfection…and always did.

Lou was constantly praised by his co-workers and truly shined as the most clever of the corporate executives at Life, at figuring out how to get massive jobs done fast in the most innovative way. As the right hand of The Founder, Lou over saw most of the daily business of running the company and reported only to The Chief Executive Officer, who wrote the book, you might say on how to succeed at Life.

But secretly in Lou’s heart, he wanted the power that he could only have at the top. He knew that The Founder was not planning on retiring…ever.

The only way for him to get his hands on the company, was through a violent take over and he would need a majority of the company’s employees to do it.

As Lou Cefur talked with each employee, he made sure not to tip his hand, so he spoke in generic terms like, “Are you happy working for The Founder” or “Do you see room for improvement here at Life”. All answers were the same, everybody loved their work, loved The Founder and never wanted it to end.

The only place where he got the response he wanted was in the D section, which handled troubleshooting for the company. For some reason, these employees were disgruntled and wanted change in how the company operated.

The D section was staffed with around a third of the company’s employees. If this was all Lou could get, then it would have to be enough.

He considered forcing The Founder’s hand by shutting down the D section, but he knew The Founder would not budge no matter what.

The corporate take over would have to be achieved by war. He held secret meetings in the D section and planned his assault on The Founder.

Greatness came easy for Lou Cefur. He was born with it. After awhile, he began to believe it and need it.

His plan was simple. The D section employees, now warriors, would attack the lesser employees and bind them. They would do the same with the next group of employees and the next, until all of The Founder’s employees, were bound and out of the way. While they were binding The Founders employees, Lou would enter into the board room and force The Founder to give up his seat on the board, where Lou would then sit and rule for all time to come.

At the time appointed, Lou and the rest of his corporate army moved into position. Lou headed for the board room while millions of D section employees were heading toward the media division of Life. As they opened the door to the media division headquarters, they saw two of The Founders strongest executives, Michael and Gabriel, with their arms folded, waiting for them. What the D section employees were about to find out, was The Founder did not have any lesser employees, because all of His employees received their strength from Him.

With speed that can not be imagined, Michael and Gabriel, along with tens of millions of The Founders mightiest employees, grabbed hold of the former D section employees and cast them out of the corporation. They were out…permanently!

Unaware of this development, Lou Cefur entered into the board room for the first time without being summoned. As he took his first step, a hand came out of nowhere, grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground. When Lou opened his eyes, he was staring into the eyes of The Founder.

“I made you who you were”, The Founder spoke, “and you betrayed me”. “All I have created is mine, not yours, and I decide for them, not you”. “Do you think you could move or speak without my knowledge”. “You were higher in authority than all of my other employees and still that wasn’t enough for you”.

“Are you going to put me out like the others”, Lou Cefur asked?

“No”, The Founder replied. “I’m going to do something I’ve never done before…I’m demoting you”. “I’m creating a new work and putting you in charge of it”. “You will test my creations”. “I will create new headquarters for you and the former members of the D section”. “We will call the work, The Soul Product Testing Division”.

“Is this all you’re going to do to me”, Lou Cefur asked?

The Founder replied, “Let’s just say…I’m just beginning to turn up the heat”.

Copyright © 2007 Mark Edgemon

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