Answered Prayer
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Answered Prayer

Submitted 23 May 1999 by Ron Singer

The Why I Quit Hunting article reminded me of an experience in the fir forests of Mendecino County in Northern California. I was hiking along the trails with Roger who lived with a high school friend. They raised goats for cheese and hunted for meat.

Roger had a rifle. The forest was so beautiful and I felt grateful being there. Suddenly, we had a clear view across a bend in the trail. About 150 feet away stood a magnificent deer with full antlers. As Roger raised his gun, I knew there was no chance he could miss the easy target. I lowered my head a bit. I still remember the feeling I had in my chest and stomach as I said over and over in silence, "Don't shoot!" It was like a prayer and a command and an attempt to change the inevitable all at once. As I waited for the explosion, the strangest thing happened. Roger, suddenly lowered the rifle to his waist and said, "I've been stalking that buck for over a month; and now I can't shoot him." He was perplexed and annoyed with himself. We both watched the deer go on its way.

That was 1975. It makes me wonder if all vegetarians prayed at the same moment to ask God for a miracle which would stop the slaughters, He just might do something.

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