The Story of a Little Bird on the Beach
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January 2003

Dear Friends, I thought I would tell you a little story about something I was so privileged to experience.

I was in Hawaii over the holidays and was sitting on the beach.  There are a lot of wild birds that hang out on the beach hoping to get food (if you feed one, look out -- you'll have a flock).  One day this little bird was by me all by itself.  I had one of my vegan cherry tarts (Health Valley) so I broke a tiny piece off and set it on the sand.  The birdie loved it.  So I continued to break of little pieces and brought the bird in closer and closer.  To my amazement, the little birdie flew up and perched on my finger.  I wanted to cry.  I think we were both surprised.   After this, the bird would eat out of my hand and hung out with me for a while.

This is the first time in my life I can say that I ever personally saw a wild bird trust someone enough to perch on their finger.  Luckily for the bird, I wasn't someone that would ever think of hurting it and it probably sensed that.  What a treasure of an experience to be able to commune with one of God's non-human, wild creatures.

To some this story might seem so simple, but to me it was a little miracle.

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