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Mark Edgemon has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts, as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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Demons in Preacherís Clothes

Through selfishness, Sebastian opened the doors of his soul to Satan. He had always been leaning toward selfishness, but the day he received his degree at Divinity School, he believed that trait was far behind him.

He prayed, but only in public. He worshipped outwardly, but only in service and before the eyes of men. His work was to men and not unto God. Hallelujah he would say. To God be the glory. But his name was on the sign in front of the church. It was on the newsletter. It was on the letterhead. But God was never mentioned except in hymn.

So one day, as he put on his robes for service, he put on something elseÖor someone else. He never felt anything happen. It was the logical next step. Satan loves a self-centered person, a puppet he can move easily by tempting him with glory or push him through fear of losing glory.

He preached another 40 years until he retired. He had done his job. He tended the living dead that were his congregation. He ate five hundred church dinners, and preached 2,000 Sunday services for a paycheck and a slap on the back. When he was through, he was bread, nothing more.


To serve God is to seek Him on everything and every purpose, surrendering to Him every endeavor and desire. By doing so, you seek Godís Will and not your own, because no one can obey Him without surrendering to Him firstÖdaily.

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