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January 2003


A beautiful thing happened this morning.  God had a hand in this one I'm sure because of the circumstances.

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I had a camera in my car this morning (I never carry my camera with me) because a friend's cat just had kittens and he has never experienced having babies before.  He doesn't have a camera so I was taking it to him to borrow for a couple of weeks.  I also never take the Metroparks to work -- I always take the freeway. 
Well, I was driving through the Park with the top down onmy car just enjoying the sheer beauty of nature.  I saw a car stopped so I slowed down and to my utter amazement there was a Doe with her Fawn right off in the grass about 20 to 30 feet away.  I stopped and started shaking because I wanted so badly to capture the moment.   I got the camera out of my trunk and she allowed me to get about 5 pictures with one lens and another 5 with a zoom lens.  I was amazed that she let me get so close to her with her baby right there.  The baby was feeding and the mother was washing it.  It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
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Well, mom had finally had enough stardom and headed back into the woods.  The Fawn turned toward me for a final look and I was able to get one last shot of it leaping after mom into the woods. 

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God provided me with a camera today and headed me right into the parkway.  This was a gift from Him.  Another exampleof His grace and love.  In the midst of a hectic pace and a not-so-nice world, He reminded me of what's really important.

In His Love,



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