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About Ivana

My name is Ivana Gerhard. I grew up in Guilford, New York, a fourth generation there. I married and had three children, Debbie, Diane and Brian. At forty two I moved to Vero Beach, Florida with my eight-year-old son Brian, who went to live in Heaven at age thirty-six. My daughter Diane is principal in the elementary school my son attended, and my granddaughter Rylee is now a student there. Diane and I traveled and tent camped in every state of the continental U.S. and it was the most wonderful experience.

I worked for the government 34 years, had many jobs and owned several businesses, the last being Ivana’s Taxi. I still work part time. I like riding my horse Jack, sewing, refinishing furniture, going to garage sales, eating out, cooking, baking, bowling, visiting my sister Jackie in N.Y., shopping, driving Brian’s 1992 Cadillac, watching TV, talking to my friend Karen, even when she’s out of the country, and spending time with friends, family and my cats.

The first “Adventures of Clarence and Dorothy” was written as a Christmas present for my grandson Jayse in 2009: the next story two Christmases later for my daughter Diane and son in law Ty. The third, “Going to Grammies” was a Mother’s Day present for my mother.

After that one was partially done but I couldn’t seem to concentrate on it until recently and then wrote six more in a month.

I always knew I could write but I didn’t know I could draw. People tell me my illustrations are professional quality which makes me both surprised and happy.

Clarence, Dorothy and Ernestine are my three kitties who have “people” lives. They are named after favorite aunts (Clarence was Clara until three months old) and all the other characters are named after family, friends, neighbors and famous personalities.

These stories are written the way I wish things were in real life. If only compassion, understanding, socializing, humor, caring for and helping each other was a way of life for all mankind, there would be no cruelty issues to animals or to each other.

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