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Gossip: What is God Saying Behind Your Back?

Peggy just loved to gossip. Exploiting the weaknesses in others appealed to her base nature. Like a hunter looking for prey, she would sniff out dirt on others and then spread it around while adding her own brand of embellishment. It never occurred to her, that others might be talking bad about her behind her back. However, she really didn’t matter enough to those who knew her to be worth a mention in their conversations.

She would look out the window at her neighbor’s property and notice who was coming and going from their house. If the husband was at work and a man she did not know went to her neighbor’s door, she would make note of it and then with added fiction, develop her gossip to reveal his wife was having an affair.

Bearing false witness against her neighbors was definitely a mortal sin, one of the Ten Commandments that she was breaking with such ease these days. Her soul already marred from repeated such character assassinations, God was commenting to Himself how she had forgotten her Sunday school lessons, when she was a little child and the prayers she would make for her parents and her friends…and sometimes for her neighbors.

As sad as it made Him to do it, he removed her name from the book of life, not for her sin, which would joyfully be forgiven if she would only ask for forgiveness with a humble heart, but for her callousness, which had past the point of no return.

It’s different with each person when they sin to the point of hardening their heart to the place they cannot find their way back to God. It’s a pride thing, which of course, is a hell thing!

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