The Story of Answered Prayer for Lucky
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FROM (Submitted by Michael Shaw 10 Feb 1998 <[email protected]>)

January 2003

I have a little 3 year old black dog (Lucky), about 32 lbs, that looks like a miniature black sheep dog.  He is so cute and loveable.  Anyway, since he was small he has suffered from colitis.  It got worse over time and during the past year he would bite at himself for hours and cry himself to sleep due to the pain. 

Just before Christmas, I took Lucky into the vet for exploratory surgery.  The results were not good.  The stomach lining and all through the intestines was inflamed.  We had tried all kinds of pills, and diets, but nothing was working.   Lucky would cry himself to sleep every night.  The vet suggested we try a few more tests and if nothing would help that I consider putting him down.

Needless to say I was heart broken, in fact, as I tell you this I have to pause and collect myself.  I decided to take my problem to God. Prior to this I had left everything in the hands of science.  I prayed for help with Lucky, be it Lucky's and mine ability to deal with the harsh reality of having him put down at such a young age, or if it be God's will, that Lucky get some relief from his pain.

Since that prayer, just before Christmas 97, Lucky has made an almost full recovery from his illness.  Rather then crying each night for hours, he bites himself for about 5 to 10 minutes, then for the other 24 hours of the day, he is a healthy happy little guy and he doesn't even need his medicine. 

When we pray for healing, it is not always God's will, sometimes He has other things in mind, or it is just our time.  This time, however, God answered prayer that comforted my human weakness.  I want to thank God publicly, and you are part of the public I know.

By the way, Lucky is Vegetarian and his favorite food is Veggie-fried rice

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