A Story About McAllister
An All-Creatures.org Spiritual and Inspirational Archive Story


February 1998

This story took place several years ago when I had my cats declawed (I don't do this any more) so I think you'll understand the terror I felt.

I had this beautiful jet-black kitty named McAllister. This cat absolutely adored me. My feelings were, obviously, mutual. We lived upstairs in an up-and-down double house and I used to let him out on the porch in the summer with his sisters, Jade and Casey. There was a wide balcony rail (about 12 inches) that he used to sit on and look down on everyone. Whenever I would enter a room, McAllister would roll over and purr and want his tummy rubbed.

Well, I think you can guess what happened. He did this as I was walking back into the house and then I heard some scrambling and looked back and he was gone. He fell off and I couldn't find him. He was missing for three days and I was a wreck. I cried and cried. I couldn't even work. I combed the neighborhoods, put up pictures, offered a reward, etc., etc. I was so afraid he would get killed. Cats don't get along you know (unless they live together). Even my neighbors were picking up black cats all over the place and bringing them to me. This one in particular looked just like McAllister and rubbed all over me. I picked him up and found that he had claws - he wasn't McAllister. I took him upstairs, gave him some food and water, played with him a little and then asked my neighbor to return him to the place they found him.

About a day and a half later, at 2:00 AM (and I'm normally not up that late), I was watching TV and heard a meow. It sounded familiar. I flew down the stairs and found McAllister standing on the front porch with GUESS WHO; the other cat that I had held and fed. They looked like buddies.

This other cat, who had been driven to my home and driven back to his, brought McAllister home. Who can say how he was able to do this but he did it. In my house, he must have picked up McAllister's scent and knew who he was and where he belonged. How he knew how to get to my home I'm not sure.

McAllister saw me and jumped right up into my arms and wanted to go into the house. Once I opened the door and let him in, the other cat took one last look at me, then turned and walked away. I never saw him again!

The Lord definitely had something to do with this. He sent McAllister and I believe a little angel in the form of a kitty.

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