Old Family Story
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Old Family Story

Submitted 23 May 1998 by Michael Shaw <[email protected]>

When I was about 4 years old, I went with my mother to visit my grandmother. I had to get all dressed up because a great aunt of mine was going to be there from England. The second world war had been over now for about 15 years and this was the first time that this great aunt had been seen by mother since before the war.

I remember we got there early in the evening. All my regular aunts and uncles were there. It was not very exciting to me at the time. What is there ever to do for a small fellow at one of these functions when all the adults want to sit around and drink tea.

Anyway, I did perk up when I heard my great aunt tell everyone what happened to her brother. Seems he was in the British Navy during the war. He had got time off to go home and marry his childhood sweetheart. On the day of his wedding, he got all dressed up in his sailor's suit and stopped in front of the bush at his parents house for a picture. Once the picture was taken, he headed off to get married.

On his way to where ever the marriage was to take place, he was hit and killed by a double decker bus. I remember thinking, as I heard this story, that this was scary... that someone going off to a happy occasion should have to die. But, what came next in the story made an impression on me that has lasted to this day.

As my great aunt told the next part of the story, she pulled out a picture from her purse. It was the picture taken of her brother in front of the bush. Standing behind him, as clear as a bell was Jesus.. his arms out stretched. You could see through Jesus, but the detail was very clear. She passed the picture around and my mother held it in her hand and showed me. 38 years later I can still see that picture in my mind.

This great aunt has since died, and so has my grandmother. I asked my mother if she ever saw the picture again, and she said she had not... so, I can't prove it to you, but I know what I saw.

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