The Story of Dolly a Rescued Pig
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From Dragonwood Pig Refuge

One day I got a call from a local animal shelter saying they had had a call from a man who found a pig. Could I please call him. Yes. And the result was going to pick up this little girl.
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She was tiny, nearly starved, had recently had pigs (at a very young age) and was so sad with life that it made me sad too.

The farmer had found her wandering, brought her in from the bitter cold and fed her and bedded her down. But she was so depressed her was concerned that she was going to die. After a couple of weeks of care she was some better and he set about trying to locate a home. Which got her to here.

In 2000, Dolly is a year older, spayed, fat and sassy, though still a very small pig. And is not depressed by any stretch of the imagination. She is first to the feeders and ranges far out into the fields for the best forage. A quiet and reserved pig, Dolly is not one for many interactions with people.

It is obvious that Dolly has a personality, as do all pigs, if we take the time to get to know them as individuals. 

We have sanitized the true character of pigs out of our common awareness and sensitivities by referring to pigs as pork, pieces of meat on our plates.
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Instead of factory farming where pigs suffer immensely, we need to wake up to their pain and suffering and begin to respect them as individuals and as fellow living souls, just as we want to be respected.  We need to care for them as we want to be cared for, and provide them with a farm or sanctuary where they can live out their lives as God originally intended in the Garden of Eden, where they were our companions and not our food.

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