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Submitted by Carol [email protected]  22 Dec 2001

January 2003

July 17th - Scheduled for routine tusk trim and hoof trim. Taken to vet by Fran & Vern Horn. George ended up having emergency surgery because while enroute to the vet he tore off his right hoof. Vet said if surgery was not done right away he could bleed to death….. 7:00pm Phone call from Fran explaining what had happened, requesting George come out by us tonight instead of tomorrow. There would be no way he would go back in to the carrier after his traumatic experience. 9:30pm George arrives. Foot is wrapped and still bleeding. He sleeps in the crate overnight.

July 18th – George is awake, alert, hungry and thirsty. I get him to leave his crate and take up residence in the make-shift ER room in the garage. He has a nice room with blankets, and a piece of sleeping bag to walk on to get to the litter box, water dish, and food. George is crying and showing me his hurt foot. It is still bleeding and the smell is awful. The smell of "Old Blood". It is very hot today and that don’t help the smell or all the flies that are trying to take up residence on George’s foot. As I talk to him and tell him everything will be ok, he again shows me his foot. He wants me to fix it and there is not much I can do. I hide his amoxicilin in a peanut butter sandwich and I also hide some Ibuprofen in a sandwich. He takes both very well. However I realize he is not willing to walk and I need to bring him his water. From what I can see George also has not used the litter box nor has he had an accident in the pen. George again shows me his foot and cries.

July 19th – George is hungry again and scarfs down some breakfast. He takes his medication well and I again give him more ibuprofen. He is showing me his hurt foot and pouting today. Still no sign of him using the litter box, or anywhere for that matter. George still wont walk on his foot so I need to bring him his water. He is very thirsty.


July 20th – Dr. Dan came and removed the bandages this morning. What a fight we had with George. It took Dr. Dan and myself to hold him down while the assistant removed the bandages. It did not look as bad as expected. In fact half his hoof is still there. The foot was washed with warm sudsy water and a creamed medicated salve was applied along with some spray to keep the flies/maggots off. When moved George’s blankets to gain an easier access to his foot I learned he indeed was going potty, all over his blankets. Yuck!  (Photo-above left:  George is resting after his bandages were removed.  Note his injured foot with part of his hoof missing.)

I removed all blankets for the laundry, and Dr. Dan suggested I get him onto the cement flooring as compared to the linoleum where it is too slippery. I guess George already had that in mind because when I went to check on him later he was snoozing behind the crate he had been in. I had put a clean blanket into the garage for him and that too was behind the crate. George had begun to walk on his leg.

July 21 – George is finally using his litter box, at least for today he is. He is also feeling much better. He knocked over many things around the garage and moved various items. When I went to visit I said to him "Hey George whatcha doing?!" And he ouffed at me and wagged his tail. He is limping, but using the foot quite well. No signs of infection. He is on 400mg of amoxicillin 3 times a day. I am still giving him ibuprofen for the swelling and pain. Today is much better then yesterday and I suspect tomorrow will even be better.

July 22 – George is one interesting pig. You know I believe he can understand English. No kidding. I swear he does what he is told (ie the telling him to get onto better ground and start walking on his foot, me telling him to start using the litter box or Dan would be mad at both of us) NOW he has amazed me again.

I left the door open for George to come out of the garage and walk around, check out the kiddie pool etc. Since I did not tell him it was ok to come out - he stayed in the garage staring at the door way. He stayed there for at lease an hour until I realized he had not come out yet. So I go to him and say "George it is ok for you to come out. I moved the pool closer for you and you can come rest in it and nibble on some grass." Gave him a scratch on the forehead and side and came in to use the bathroom. I came back out just minutes later and here he was - in the pool!

July 24 – George has taken a liking to my XXL tarp I use for camping. He managed to pull it off my shelves and made a nest out of it. He is walking so much better, just a slight limp and is very happy. That tail is continually wagging and he is excited to see me now.

July 25 – I lost George today! He has never roamed far because of his foot. Today is a different story. While I was busy doing my "thing" George came out and was roaming along side the house rooting his hole and resting by the watering hose. Later I went to make sure all was ok and he was Gone. Frantically I searched the garage, checked under his tarp, checked the garden, check the other pigs… now where was George. Scared half to death I go running around my house and spot the little stinker in my neighbors yard under his apple tree eating all the dropped apples! I went over and told him to finish up and come home. George did just that. He finished eating his apples and followed behind me. George is continuing to amaze me with his understanding of English.. I am going to have a talk with him later and tell him that if he would this "stuff" on command that maybe we could get onto the David Letterman or Jay Leno late night show.  (Photo:  George is healing and walking around.)


July 31 – George is doing so well. We had some 4 month old pigs here for only a short time. One of them stayed in the same area as George. He was so sweet to this little girl. I’d go peak on them both and here is George snuggling by her. I think was helping guide her during her short stay.

He leaves me speechless again...

OK I was tucking him in tonight and I said "Kiss for you buddy" and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Then I ask him "You got any kisses for me?" He grunts at me and just lays there. As I'm securing him in he comes over and gives me a big piggy kiss on my leg!

August 1 – George refuses to give up that tarp he has pulled off my shelves. I’ve given him several blankets and he still chooses a tarp over the blankets… silly pig. He is now a yard pig. He don’t like it. He wants to be indoors. I need to seriously consider locating him a home indoors. He hates to have his feet dirty. He hates the hay and straw. He does love the couch cushion I have given him, but throws the tarp over it. He is 100% off dog food and is on a good pig diet of pellets, Nancy’s Feed, and vegetables and fruit.

He does enjoy graham crackers.

August 6 – George is so good. He does not wander off my land. He stays close to home and his tarp. He will not allow any pigs to come into his garage and visit him. He has made the garage his "house". He does refuse to even enter the penned in area for the pigs. He complains as though telling me "I need to get indoors and lay on the couch".

I wont attempt to intermix them any longer. He was not too happy when he learned he was not the only pig here. So instead he has decided he WILL be the only pig in the garage/pig house. I had someone inquire about pig adoption. They were looking for an indoor pig. As much as I love George I think it would be best to allow him what he is accustomed too, and that is living indoors. I do not think he would be able to make the hard winter here. Especially living in the garage, instead of heading down by the barn with the warm soft straw, hay and body heat of the other pigs. He is stubborn when it comes to leaving his area. He needs to guard it incase a pig intrudes. I told him that is was ok if they (the other pigs) came up to say HI to him. Guess he did not agree with me because he turned his butt to me and poo’d and walked away.

August 8 – we had a surprise church group stop here today to share the word of the bible

I was inside cleaning up the house when I heard this pig noise I had not heard before.. My watch pig George let these people know they did not belong and that he was in charge. They stopped dead in their tracks and stared as George made his way to them. I met George by the steps outside and told him "Its ok George." He thought about it a bit and then stood his ground. No one was to pass the steps. He was there to protect me, and protect me he did. Our church visitors did not stay long. They gave me a pamphlet said a prayer and headed out. I wonder if they will ever come back?

August 11 – My Dad & Kathy came out for a visit today. Growing up we all lived on my uncles farm for a few years to help him out. Kathy on the other had is strictly a city girl. She was having a hard time dealing with all the bugs out here when out comes George! HEE HEE she saw him and said "What is that" I tell her all about George and how sweet he is. As he makes his way to visit with everyone he decides the first person he wants to visit with is my step-mother Kathy. He came over and plopped his butt on her feet and gave he a grunt that sent her flying out of her chair. I could not help but laugh, and I guess George thought it was funny too. He stood up and wagged his tail and would not leave her alone our whole visit. I did not want to hurt his feelings and tell him to leave her alone because she does not like him. So finally I got the treats out and George made his way to his bowl and enjoyed a snack. He is walking so good now. Barley a limp. His hoof is looking much better and I can see the healing process has taken over.

August 13 – I have found George a home. I am happy and sad all in one. I have cried over this for hours. I am very happy he has someone who will allow him to live indoors, have his own bedroom, couch, bed, etc. They are piggy proofing the house tonight. Yet I am so sad he is leaving me. He is the sweetest pig I have come around. I know I say this about all my pigs (they are all sweet) BUT George is exceptional. We have bonded. I can sit outside in my garage or on the deck and he will come visit me. We have conversations together. I helped him thru his healing process with his hoof getting torn off. He’s protected me from strangers coming to read the bible. He’s made me laugh so many times. I am sitting here asking myself how can I give him up. But deep down I know I must for his happiness and health. He is going back to the world of a house pig.

August 15 – George came outside to visit with me while I was babysitting. He must have known I was upset because he placed his head on my lap and gave me a faint grunt. So I asked him "George, do you want to live inside the house or go down and live with the other pigs in the barn?" I waited a while and he did not respond. I asked him again about a half hour later if he would like to live inside a house again like before or go live in the barn with everyone else. Just then the kids all acted up and I had to break up an argument over pokemon. When I came back to sit with George he was gone. I figured he had gone back to his tarp in the garage. My eyes could not believe what they saw next. Here was George up on my deck trying to get inside the house….. I guess that was my answer. He had never done this before, so I believe he thought I meant he could come live indoors with me. Sure wish I could have, but that just could not happen. SO since Mr. George seems to understand everything I say to him I broke the news. I told him someone would love to adopt him and he could go live with them in their house, have his own room, be able to watch TV and sit on his own couch. As I petted him and explained to him that he would be leaving me he grunted as if telling me he understood. He was wagging his tail. I was happy for him, but yet I was morning his loss. (Murphy died today. I came home from work and found him dead. Now I am loosing George also). I must have gone thru a whole box of tissue.

August 16 – We had our pig funeral today and buried Murphy down by the pond under a nice tree. George is such a dear friend to me living out here in the middle of know –where. He was there to comfort me and gave me a big pig kiss. I told him "Fran is coming to visit this weekend" He wagged his tail and looked around for her. I told him that she was not here, but was coming soon. Again he understood what I was saying and sat on my feet. The search for his friend Fran was done.

August 21 – George has been restless the past few days. Every time I have gone out by him he has rearranged his tarp, blankets, bowls and litter box. He found a bell today and was playing with that. He enjoyed rolling it around and listening to it. As it jingled he’s grunt… silly pig.

August 24 – Well everyone at work thinks I’m insane. I’ve been crying all day long knowing tomorrow is the day. George will be leaving me and entering his new life. I feel so selfish wanting to keep him all to myself, but I know what I am doing is best for George. I keep hoping his new mama will change her mind. I sat outside and had dinner with George – darn yellow jackets! I took so many pictures of him. He looked so happy though. He was wagging his tail and coming out of the garage making all sorts of noises. He played one last time in his pool and even allowed the other pigs to enter HIS garage.

August 25 – Well I’m keeping the Kleenex company in business this week. Sarina came to pick up George at 2:30 today. She is so excited. George is going back to being a pampered pig. When she went to say HI to him he stood up, grunted and wagged his tail. I was so proud of him. He nudged at his tarp as to be showing it to his new mama. He is so proud of his tarp! He dragged that thing all around with him. Then it was time to load George into the dreaded carrier. I thought for-sure this was it. He was not leaving me after his experience just a few weeks ago with a different carrier. I made him a trail of treats and put a bunch into the carrier. To my surprise he entered with little fuss. He was telling me it was ok and he wanted to go, but I did not want to let go. I gave him a big kiss good-bye, held back my tears while Sarina told me she’d send several pictures and updates. And off he went. He is on his way to Minneapolis MN to live in a wonderful home and in the life of pig luxury that he was so looking for.


The following poem was sent to me by a friend I only know of by Janet who visits the same message board I do

"Only Time Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows - only time! And who can say if your love grows as your heart chose - only time! Who can say why your heart sighs as your love flies - only time! And who can say why your heart cries when your love dies, only time! Who can say when the roads meet that love might be in your heart; And who can say when the day sleeps, if the night keeps all your heart The night keeps all your heart! Who can say if your love grows, as your heart chose - only time! And who can say where the road goes, where the day flows - only time! Who knows - Only Time! The point? None of us know where the road goes, when the day flows and the love grows perhaps not as the heart chose ... Only Time! Janet

We published this story about George, because we believe it's important to educate the public to the fact that pigs and other so-called "farm" animals, can, and should be considered as our companions - just as we consider cats and dogs to be our companions.  They are all sensitive, feeling, and loving creatures, just as we should be.  They should not be food for our tables.  If we truly love animals, we shouldn't eat any of them, nor wear their skins. (FLH)

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