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Rocky Road to Damascus

Ice Cream Heaven was the name of an ice cream parlor just south of I-60 after you pass the turnpike. It had many heavenly flavors according to the owner and operator Judd Manslow, who started the business to capitalize on the religious trade, which surrounded his establishment, due to the large number of churches in the area.

Judd was a religious man, but he was not very spiritual. He could talk like a religious person without having to make any commitment to God. And he was good at being religious, which was good for business.

He used a biblical reference for every product he offered. He was hoping that would bring in the religious crowd, especially on Sundays. He offered sundaes on Sunday called “Worship Sundaes”. Yes I know, it is a bad pun, but he liked it. His best seller was an ice cream called, “Rocky Road to Damascus”. He sold a lot of it. Churches would buy it for get-togethers after church services.

As he drove home one evening, a car hit his car broadside and pinned him inside. He had passed out from the impact, during which time he had an experience that would change his life. He saw a bright light and God at the other end of it. God told him, “Are you not tired of wasting your energies on that which is not?”

The next thing he knew, he heard a sound of a motor, which were the jaws of life cutting him out of his car. The other driver had called the police an hour earlier.

When he woke up in the hospital, he remembered his dream and what God had said and pondered what it all meant. Within a week, he was back at work, but there was something different. He had a new idea, which he inscribed on his window in front of his parlor, which read…”Have you had an experience with the light…refreshing fruity ice cream named ‘Revelation Raspberry’.” It will change your life!

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