I Came to God After Killing Sea Lions
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(submitted by Scott Hembree 20 January 1998 [email protected])
January 2003

This is a story a new friend told me recently at a soul winner's conference we attended a week ago. It was told me by the son of the man involved.

Here in Chile the fishermen from time to time used to urge, petition or pay off the air force to make murderous strafing runs on sea lions as they bask in the sun on the rocks a ways south of here.

I recently spoke to a guy whose father was converted when he made a second pass and saw all the blood on the rocks. The whole rock formation was red with innocent blood. He was so overwhelmed at what he had done that he returned without making a second run.

Ramon said that his father recognized that it was not the air force to blame or the fishermen but he himself. He prayed for the first time in his life and resolved to find out more about the Man who shed His precious blood on Calvary for him. Ramon's father went on to become the most active lay worker in the country.

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