The Sewer Kitty
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FROM: Donald J. Barnes
Submitted 2 August 1999

I responded to a call of a kitten in a manhole a couple of months ago. Who were the callers? A bunch of "street people" in San Antonio, e.g. a woman with one arm, another who was so obese she could hardly walk, blacks, Hispanics, whomever.   All drinking beer out of giant cans in little paper bags; all concerned about the cries of a kitten caught in a sewer.  I found myself hanging head-down into a manhole with the street people hanging on to my ankles. But, I still couldn't get far enough down, so one of the guys climbed down using the sides as tension anchors.  The kitten retreated into the sewer pipes.

Two gringo baby-faced cops wheeled up on their bicycles and ordered him out of the drain. We all ignored them. Another of the street people saw the dilemma and crossed the street to the adjoining corner, popped the manhole cover and dropped down.

While the cops stood there doing nothing (best move they ever made), these guys crawled into the pipes and caught the kitty and handed him up to me.

A well-dressed fellow stepped from the crowd which had gathered and said, "I have 2 cats at home. They are spayed and neutered and have their shots and don't go outside. I'd like to adopt this kitten." There was a cheer and the fellow left with the kitten snuggled against his stomach.

There are people who care all around us.

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