The Story About Shadow
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Submitted by Phyllis Ansel 20 January 1998 [email protected]

January 2003

I also can tell you about my feline Shadow, one of God's blessings to my existence.  She's going on 14  now, suddenly got quite ill this past week and I am praying for her healing--I think a Hyacinth plant may have poisoned her.  As of this morning, she began to resume eating a little bit of her regular food.

In days past when I've been ill with a headache or feeling very low and unable to sleep, Shadow would curl up on the pillow against my head and she'd place one paw on the top of my head and the other paw on my shoulder and proceed to purr purr purr nonstop until I could feel warmth running through my world attacked body and spirit.   You know I would fall asleep and as far as the headache went--I felt fine when I woke up.  And as far as feeling low, just knowing that I have a loyal friend, who sincerely cares for me regardless of my sometimes moronic ways makes me feel much better.

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