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Mark Edgemon has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts, as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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In a future time, many decades from now, animals will enjoy the protection of the world government, which banned the commercial use of animals in every industry. It was the environmental disasters that moved the world toward a vegetarian mindset. Disease control had become a major concern due to global warming, which caused the earthís temperature to be trapped under a blanket of atmospheric conditions making it difficult to breath.

It had been many years since meat had ceased to be an option for food; so all restaurants worldwide were vegetarian. The world government heavily monitored all eateries and food services and punished infractions severely if the ban on meat products were not strictly adhered to.

This of course, gave rise to underground black market suppliers, who sold to the wealthier cliental, which could afford the insanely high prices they would charge.

There were a chain of restaurants in China, that were a front for a meat processing and distribution business, that slipped under the radar of the world government and their over sight agencies. Two Chins Chinavegga Restaurants were a big success, mainly because of their underground meat distribution activities, which increased their bottom line considerably.

Due to the secrecy of the operation, the sanitization of the meat processing were less than sterile and many people became sick or even died from the contaminated meat. New strains of diseases began to crop up in the areas surrounding the restaurant locations. The World Disease Control Organization began a lock down of the homes where people were getting sick. The people who were infected with the various diseases were tight lipped about their meat consumption because of fear of penalty for their illegal activities.

The controlling group behind the black market were only concerned for their own protection from the governmental agencies finding out they were responsible for the sickness and deaths of their customers. Despite the governmentís lock down, they were not able to locate every sick person and many who were ill spread the disease to friends and coworkers until an outbreak caused a national crisis in China.

Through investigative work the World Government applied stronger methods and forced many of the infected people to reveal the source of their sickness. Military police immediately closed all of the Two Chins Chinavegga Restaurant locations and arrested and executed the members of the black market after interrogating them and finding out all they knew about the epidemic.

Even though the source of the disease was terminated, the plague now had a life of itís own. Due to the heaviness of the air and much of the population already having respiratory problems, the various diseases that made up this epidemic was spreading like fire.

As the years passed, humanity was losing the battle with these new strains of infectious diseases, which caused thousands of people to die daily. With the focus of the world fighting this epidemic on many fronts, there was little attention given to the animals that were now multiplying, since it was no longer a priority for the government to exercise population control.

The Langford Smithís home in Ohio was now over run by deer and elk, who were grazing in their yard by the dozens. A buck and a doe were feasting on some good grass right outside the coupleís full scale kitchen window as they looked in and saw the couple coughing and trying to get their breath. As Mr. Langford was leaning over the kitchen table, gasping for air, the buck remarked to his doe, how particularly sweet the grass was today.

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