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People who are defiant of God's Will, will try to find some way of running and end run around obeying God and try to gain the power and blessings of God in their own strength. This is true of everyone to a small degree, but others to a large degree.

They shake their fists in God's Face, proclaiming like Lucifer, they're going to play it their own way and their way ends in destruction.

The people of Elmendorf only had to obey the Truths they already knew with a humble heart to have access to more power than they would ever need. Instead, they intended to take the power they wanted by force and that is the reason there are fools in the world.

It was a strange thing, that the people of Elmendorf did not know of the great power that rested within their souls and even a stranger thing, that they should neglect it. It was their decision, to seek the power they wanted, by forcing it from God Himself. They refused to accept the teachings of old, the teachings that were from the beginning of time, given to them by the One Who created them.

The truths preserved by their ancient teachers, would have activated the great power, which laid dormant in their souls. They could have achieved anything by obeying the truths, which would have given them access to Their Creator, Who otherwise was distant to them. But in order to obey the truths, they had to humble themselves and that is something prideful people do not do, for if they did, they would no longer be prideful.

Pride was important to the people of Elmendorf, so they sought power some other way, rather than obeying the truths set before them, by the Great One, not realizing, they were about to open gates to troubles and dangers, that might destroy them forever.

The power they sought was both terrible and wonderful. Their souls had to be prepared to contain the power or it would incinerate them. Obeying the truths of the Eternal One, would sanctify and transform them and turn their weakness into shielded strength.

Itís amazing how simple things are, to those who wish to see, versus those, who see what they want to see, but are truly blind.

The people of Elmendorf met with their town council to figure out how to take The Power Of God from Him by force. Through much argument and angry discussion, they finally decided to build a stairway to the source of all power, Godís Throne. It was their plan, to enter the kingdom of heaven, kill the watchers of the gate, enter The Throne Room Of God, pull Him off His Throne and force him to give them the power they desired. They especially liked the idea of subduing God.

And so, they began to build a stairway that reached into the heavens. They worked night and day for eight years until they could touch lightning. When it was completed, the people of Elmendorf gathered together at the base of the stairway, dressed in full battle armour.

Then the people of Elmendorf ascended up the stairs, to make war with Their Creator, who they were finally going to see face to face.

It took twenty-one days to get within hours from reaching the top. Just then, lightning struck the middle section, sending the top part of the stairs and all the people of Elmendorf plunging toward the earth. They died.

And so, the children of Elmendorf grew up. They decided to leave the half broken stairs as a remembrance to their parentís folly.

The children of the people of Elmendorf, considered themselves much smarter than their parents. To build a stairway to the Kingdom Of God was backward thinking. With the new technology available to them, it was agreed, when they go to fight God, they will go in a rocket.

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